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Don’t look for a man who is eye candy, look for a partner who is soul food?

A partner who is soul food? Soul food? Where have the real men gone? Yeah, I know, men will say now, and where have the real women gone? And actually you are right! No true values. No real men. No real women. Well, sincerely, I hope they still exist.. But, I even believe in unicorns. :)))

Correct me if I am wrong, but maybe 15 years ago or less, when you kiss a guy, you knew that you have started a relationship. Today, girl can sleep with a guy, and she will wonder: what are we? :))) It sounds funny, but this is also one of the reasons why everything is so messed up. Easier to have sex, than to stay loyal. Easier to have instant relationship, than to commit yourself to someone you love.

weak man

Personally, I’m a hopeless romantic soul with a dirty mind and high standards.

I think that love should and have to be like a fairytale. I am the type of person who live to love. Who live for love. Who love to love. With lot of passion, like crazy in love. With all my heart, soul and body.

A man is the head of the family. Strong, to protect his woman. A woman is the neck. Strong, to support her man.

Side by side, hand in hand, heart to heart, they walk together in their journey – called life. Best friends, lovers, together through good and bad.. Forever and always, or at least always till love lasts.. Yeah, I know it really does sound like a fairytale. But for this fairy tale you need: 1 real man + 1 real woman. So no them, no fairytale. It can’t be just one REAL, fairytale needs 2 REAL. And a bit of magic..

By this “strong man”, I don’t mean that strong muscle guys, gym junkies.

Strong mentally, who will guide his woman and give her security. Coz every single woman needs it. Not economically, women want emotional safety and security with a man in relationship. She needs rock solid support. When it comes to crisis, man who will simply be there. Man who has some guts. Who will hug her and who will talk to her until they find solution. Together. Not the one who will escape to solve problems in their relationship talking to his mother or friends. Knowing how to talk to your partner is essential.


To all real men out there, real woman wants a man who can make her laugh, and she will be yours, trust me! I consider myself a real woman. 🙂 There we go, we still exist. :)))

Usually people tend to wish a lot, yet very few ask themselves what they give? Thus, to all men and women out there: before you start with your wishes: I want man/woman who will be like this, this and this, make sure that you are as well like that, that and that. Expectations vs Offer. You deserve reciprocity. You deserve everything you give. And what that would be, it depends on YOU.


Real Woman is strong enough to solve her problems by her own and do everything by herself, but if she has a real man by her side she won’t be alone and won’t have to handle it alone, as this real man won’t let her. Her partner in crime.

My conclusion:

I would rather stay single and wait for my fairytale than to be in wrong relationship. My vote always go to quality, never quantity.

And, again:

– Don’t look for a man who is eye candy, look for a partner who is soul food.. and vice versa! –

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So, let me introduce myself. My name is Irina Vujaklija and I was born in Belgrade on 31 January 1979. Who am I? Love. I know, you will roll your eyes.. But that is how it is. Discovering my true self wasn’t an easy process. Constantly working on myself, learning by seeking answers to many questions, I have managed to overcome very complicated life situations. Among other things, my severe motorcycle accident in 2004. A life altering moment in just one second.