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I love December soooo much.

I don’t know how many times I have said this, but in case you missed it.. :))) All that lovely energy and magic in the air. All that beautiful decoration around us.. It seems that people tend to love more and care more in December. Why?

That makes me think, why is every month not like December?


What is it, that makes a difference between December and any other month of the year.. to show how much we care for each other? When the holidays are over it seems that people are getting back into their routines so quickly. Like robots. I know, I know, after all that eating, we just wanna get back on track.. :)))

Keep this in mind.. show how much you care in January, February.. You don’t need a special occasion to show your love. Or to eat healthy. :)))eat healthy

There is also a side of December which I don’t like, but I feel the need to mention.

First one is all the rushing. Rushing to buy the biggest tree, to buy presents, sales and discounts everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I adore presents, equally to give and to receive. But that’s not the point of Christmas. Neither is the biggest tree. Neither is eating until we can’t move. We don’t want that sugar rush. :)))

What counts and what is essential are people who are around that tree.

I am not a religious person and to me Christmas is a beautiful time of the year, just because everything seems magical. And I believe in magic and fairy tales. And I celebrate two Christmases. Yes. Two (second one is on January 7). Again, not because of religion, I simply love that magic.


Second the negative side, the trees you buy. Please, please and please be aware of that! Do not buy cut trees without roots. Without roots, the tree is doomed. You’re complicit in killing a tree. Yes, the tree is alive and we already have a huge problem with deforestation. Don’t throw away the tree, but be responsible enough to take care of it. So what can you do with your tree once the holiday has passed? Maybe, you can replant it?

Third one is.. what comes with all that rushing? Stress. Hello dear people, are you aware of this? The planet won’t stop if you haven’t bought a present. I know I know, it is nice to wrap presents and leave them under the tree, but my point is don’t lose your head if you have not managed to do it. Whatever reason that might be. Lack of time, money, inspiration.. If that matters, you can buy presents after Christmas.. did you know that? You have even bigger sales after Christmas and less people running around like crazy.


Try to be person of essence, not form.

Try to dedicate your time to your loved ones. Communicate with them and tell them how much you love them and appreciate them. Also, maybe it’s about time to say if something bothers you. Just try to connect with your dearest people in the world. More profoundly. That’s the whole point. That’s essential.

Maybe it is the happiest time of the year for some, but don’t forget that there are many people around the world who will spend Christmas alone! So be aware that maybe you are lucky enough to have your family, partner or someone to spend Christmas with! Appreciate them. Who knows what tomorrow brings.

And maybe it’s perfect time to do some good deeds for all those children or people who are not lucky enough to have trees, presents and food. It is always a perfect time to help. A random act of kindness.

It’s not what’s under the tree that matters, it is who is gathered around it! Try to think about that.

It is not about material presents, but your presence around the Christmas tree.

Yes it is a time to eat, sleep, then repeat. Add love.

Have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year and don’t forget to love. Love a lot, every day.

Dear Santa, I hope you have received my wish list, and apart from all of that, I wish that people would be lovely and kind during the whole year. And all that magic in the air..

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So, let me introduce myself. My name is Irina Vujaklija and I was born in Belgrade on 31 January 1979. Who am I? Love. I know, you will roll your eyes.. But that is how it is. Discovering my true self wasn’t an easy process. Constantly working on myself, learning by seeking answers to many questions, I have managed to overcome very complicated life situations. Among other things, my severe motorcycle accident in 2004. A life altering moment in just one second.