Motivate to Motivate
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Oh motivational speakers here, oh motivational quotes there, oh I see them everywhere..

I am envisioning. Or hallucinating.. I was wondering, as usual.. do they know what they are talking about? Do they know, understand and live their life according to those quotes/articles they post? When someone posts a quote, my first question is: how did they understand it, exactly what the original writer meant to say? (We all understand the same things differently, depending on our perspective) If they have that A-ha moment while reading/posting it, are they doing something to change their lives? Or is that just a temporary mood based on a situation they are going through?

Therefore, I divide them into two groups, the ones who are learning, seeking, changing, growing and sharing what they have learned. The other group are the ones who are just observing their life and doing nothing to change it. They are just nodding their heads and blaming everything or everyone else for their lives. They actually see motivational quotes very often like blablabla thing. That’s also ok, as far too many people post things they don’t know or even understand what they have been posting. We live what we believe in.

If you are just nodding your head, this article is not for you, if you want to change something (whatever that might be) then keep reading it.

Why is this so important?

We live in the world that is starting to wake up spiritually, and I am sooo glad because of that. As we are all spiritual human beings. Yet, we always have that negative side. Let us say that it is like a medicine you take to feel better (me no like it..), but there are always some contraindications that may occur.

The same thing happens here. You suddenly feel awake and curious about life. You start to feel uncomfortable. Then, you want to change things, and you are full of questions, and obviously you are looking for answers to those questions. You don’t know where to start first, you just know that you want to feel good. Where you will look first for them?

Google, of course.

That’s the great thing about technology, we don’t need to move from our comfy sofas to find answers. So you enter into the magical world of motivational speakers, promoters of spiritual life, spiritual teachers and all those who know “the secret to happiness”. So that’s why it is so important to know which one of them knows what he preaches! Again the side effects of the internet. Or users of the internet, it might be better to say. Lots of them, yet very few really own that shit.

A ha moment

You: You have a bad day, ok let’s go and type in the Google search box: How can I feel better when..? (name it..)


  • 50 ways to instantly feel better when you’re stuck in a bummer mood
  • How to Feel Better when Depressed: 10 Steps (with Pictures)
  • 10 Ways To Make Yourself Feel Better When You’re Sad AF

You see, you just need to ask, answers are everywhere. :))))

Are they right for you?

Ok, we have instant solutions to feel better, even steps with photos included. If you go on youtube, oh man, you even have videos how to.. motivational speakers, teachers that explain to you, yes to you, just for you, how to feel better. Especially for you. They’ve been waiting for you. They know all the secrets of life and now they are telling you how you should live YOUR life. And the answer to all your doubts, fears, insecurities, traumas is: Smile. Ok maybe I´m exaggerating a bit, but I just wanted to point out something.. and that is:

We are not all the same! Situations in life are not all the same, perspective, experiences etc etc. Name it.

Some answers/tools out there might serve you to show you what direction or where to go next. But you, yes you, everything depends on you. What serves best for me, it might not be good for you. Firstly you should know that you are a master of your own life. You should connect with your inner voice, and you should dig deep within you, asking questions.. in order to find the most important thing: Inner peace. If your mind is not quiet then you will not be able to find any solution you look for on the internet. If your mind is not open to receiving new ideas, again, you will not be open to accepting any offered answers. Meditation does help.

All you look for, actually, is within you. 

Be responsible for your life

If you feel happy, sad, you are responsible for it. Sounds complicated, I know I’ve been there.

Some people see me as their teacher. But I always reject that title. The only teacher should be your life. I am just a human being, a real one. Who struggles, who is looking for solutions, who fails, who raises up and shines brighter than ever before. I can motivate you to speak up for yourself, but I can’t live your life for you. And this is just my perspective, so I speak my heart & mind and everything is based on MY experiences, MY journey, things I have learned, so if that helps, I am glad. If any advice serves you I am happy! If it doesn’t help, then you are on the wrong path, look for those who can help. That’s the whole point, I am here to shake you a bit. I am like a voice to all the voiceless, who think the same but don’t have guts to speak out loud. A free spirit. I’ve been like this almost my entire life. But, I am NOT here to say that you should live like I say and like I live! No no. Others can never do that for you! Don’t listen to those who are telling you how you should live your life. You can ask for opinions or advice but you are the one who makes the decisions. Be responsible for yourself, it’s your life.

So start from within. Spend some time with yourself. Alone. Learn to love yourself. Reconnect with your inner self. Learn to listen to that inner voice. Ask yourself clear questions, like what makes you feel bad and why? What should you do in order to make yourself feel better? Accept. Cry, let go of that. Feel sorry for yourself if you have to, in order to give yourself some (a lot of) love. You need to spoil yourself. BUT know your limits. Because you need to stand up again. Rise and shine. Life isn’t about negative or positive situations. It is about you and your positive or negative attitude towards those situations. And sometimes things just happen, good and less good ones. That’s the secret of life. Not to listen to others, nor to live up to other people’s expectations except yours.

Be your best friend, because, go and look at the mirror, you see that person? You will have to spend the rest of your life with that person. Accept and embrace yourself.

If you look for teachers, how do you know which one is right for you? That would be the one who can touch your soul. The one you resonate with. Energy never lies. That one who can explain to you things simply. That one who walks the talk. The one whose answers bring you peace. That one who can make you think and question more. It doesn’t have to be one, it can be a couple of them. Actually life is the best teacher. Look for inspiration, motivation, as I said-those who own that shit. When I say you, I also include myself, because there is no final destination of the learning process. Life is a journey.

Another last “advice”: Just stay away from those who have the same answer to all your struggles: Smile and be positive. Smile just smile and everything will be fine. No shit?

Why? Because it is a very superficial understanding of life. That would be a contradiction to yourself, living in denial. You are falling apart inside but, you know, just smile and everything will be ok. Neglecting things instead of accepting things as they are, can lead in completely the wrong direction, you can feel a lot worse. You feel under pressure that you have to feel good, even if you don’t. Just because society says: Smile. So you start to feel that something is wrong with you, you feel desperate. You see why you need to run away in the opposite direction from those smile-be-positive-people? You are completely normal, you just deserve a proper answer if you have opened yourself up at a very personal level, not some general bullshit. And their answer actually speaks that they dont know what they are talking about.


Ah.. no bye.. the most important thing.. apply what you have learned. Otherwise it is pointless, even worse than ignorance. You would be the same as all those motivational speakers who know the theory, but in practice.. hello, where have you gone in practice? Still posting motivational quotes?

Bye, gotta go. Recovery won’t wait for me.

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So, let me introduce myself. My name is Irina Vujaklija and I was born in Belgrade on 31 January 1979. Who am I? Love. I know, you will roll your eyes.. But that is how it is. Discovering my true self wasn’t an easy process. Constantly working on myself, learning by seeking answers to many questions, I have managed to overcome very complicated life situations. Among other things, my severe motorcycle accident in 2004. A life altering moment in just one second.