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No One Is Always Busy! Yep. We all decide what we are going to do with our time..

So if you hear that someone is always “busy”.. no, he is not. No one is always busy! It just depends on what number you are on their priority list! It takes 30 seconds to send a message, right? So no excuses, just pay attention.. and you will see how important or not you are to that person.

The next time you say or you hear that he/she is busy, know that it’s an excuse. If you truly prioritize something, you will make time for it. Be it relationships, friendships, or any kind of relationship, you always have time for anything if you WANT to make time. So never make someone a priority, while you are just an option. It is a matter of self respect.

For example if I had something arranged with somebody and that person didnt make time to give me a call or send a text to cancel it before the time.. or if someone gave me their word that they will do something and he/she didnt.. and instead of taking responsibility by saying: sorry, I was wrong.. he/she starts with an excuse, what I hear is just blahblahblah and normally I would:

1. Stop them before they continue with excuses, telling them what I hear is just an excuse and all I can hear coming out of their mouth is: blahblahblah. So its better to say nothing. (maybe I would use some other word instead of excuse.. )

2. In the case that I also hear lies like an excuse, I would daydream punching them in the middle of the face (laughing in my head picturing this..)

3. I would let them speak.. this doesn’t happen that often, and it means that you are important to me and I am willing to listen what you have to say. But it has to be a damn good excuse to convince me to listen to what you have to say, otherwise you will become less important or completely irrelevant to me. Why? We live in a world of modern technology so people call, text and reply to people they want to talk to.. There is also a definition for this: responsibility, respect and maturity. Otherwise, what is the right definition for that kind of behavior?! Don’t-give-a-shit-about-you-nor-your-time?

If it is option number 1, very often people get offended or get angry.. for f sake how I dare not to listen to them. FOR COOKIES SAKE, it is not logical. At all. You are getting mad at me because I dont want to listen your blahblahblah excuses?! And me, I have no right to get angry, because I have to listen that blahblahblah stories?! Sorry, I do not accept it. You have to understand that my brain hurts while I listen to excuses, you are offending not just me, my time, my trust, but also my intelligence. I am wasting my time on someone who doesn’t value me as a person. So just give me one VALID reason why would I listen to you?!No one is always busy

People.. are still people and their actions express their priorities. But please..

Take responsibility for your actions and grow up!

Because every action has its own reaction. So if you didn’t respect me, why would I respect you?! My reaction is just a consequence that is caused by your action! And of course that I will point out! Otherwise it means that I support that kind of behavior. Would you like someone to treat you that way? Why do you do that then? Respect and trust has to be earned. But if is already given to you, why would you ruin that?

So, what have we learned today:

People make time for who they want to make time for!


Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to you. It’s as simple as that.

I’ve always said this:

If is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse. Period.

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So, let me introduce myself. My name is Irina Vujaklija and I was born in Belgrade on 31 January 1979. Who am I? Love. I know, you will roll your eyes.. But that is how it is. Discovering my true self wasn’t an easy process. Constantly working on myself, learning by seeking answers to many questions, I have managed to overcome very complicated life situations. Among other things, my severe motorcycle accident in 2004. A life altering moment in just one second.