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If you want to know who I am..

Don’t ask me what is my job? My job is not who I am.

How old are you? I am not my age and I’m not old, but 39 years young.

What is your name? My name is not who I am.

Although I am the only person in the whole world with my name and surname, which makes me feel unique. But that is not the only reason that makes me (feel) unique. (blink, blink)

I am

I am..

all those experiences I have had in my life that shaped me into the person who I am now. All those decisions that I’ve made in different life situations. Difficult and nice ones. All those steps I made to be exactly where I am now. All those books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen. All those things I’ve learned and am still learning. All those sleepless nights wondering about The meaning of life.

I am a spiritual human being in my physical body trying to live this life like everybody else.

So if you ask me about my job, trying to know me.. no, no that is not a good direction of getting know who I am. I am all those things I do when nobody is watching me!

Empathy. Emotional intelligence. That is something we are all capable of feeling and it is something we all can and should learn. Not difficult at all, but very good tools that can help us feel others. To reach them and try to understand them. That’s kind of basic if you want to get to know one person.

Therefore, if you come into my life now, with the reason of getting to know the real me, and if you ask me what my job is, please don’t get angry if I reply that my job doesn’t represent myself and why would you like to know what my job is? Is it going to tell you who I am? Understand, that I just try to figure out what perspective of me you will have? But I can see what is your perspective and focus in your life. So please don’t get me wrong if I say I am not interested in sharing my personal details coz obviously we have the same interest – to know me, but from very different perspectives. And yours, simply, it is not for me.


Because if I want to know you.. I will ask you to tell me what you are afraid of and why? What makes you laugh? I don’t care for your title. You are famous? Oh no shit, I couldn’t care less about it. Oh you are a sportsman? Me, I am not your fan. Sorry, but I can be a fan of my man, only. You are a soul and that’s how I see you. If it matters to you your title and you think that’s what makes you who you are, fine! But.. I am not interested to know you. You are CEO? Director? President? What is that? Is that something that will make you a good person? You can be Jesus himself, but if you are not a good person.. who cares if you are Jesus? Me not.

You see.. different perspectives. But I won’t demand that you believe in unicorns.

And I won’t get mad if we don’t share the same interests. So open your soul, express how you feel, tell me what makes your heart jump with joy, how do you see the world? What situations have made you as you are now? All that nonsense that is going through your head, because it might not be nonsense. Tell me how you see the world, tell me things so I can learn from you, so I can know who you are! I’d like to pick your brains out..

Introduce me to your heart, introduce me to your beautiful mind.

You see? Everything is vice versa. I won’t get mad if you think that your title defines you. Your problem. 🙂 I just won’t be interested in your title. Understand the difference? And you won’t be interested in my world full of unicorns. We won’t get along together. And that is completely fine!!! Just don’t push anything, because we are all different. Now, we can all just keep continuing with our lives and to getting to know people based on our interests. No hard feelings, just feel and accept people as they are. The same way you would like to be accepted.

Respect the difference!

Also if I meet someone and I wish to know that person better, be sure that I never have that approach using my basic instincts, but purely and genuinely because I see them as an interesting personality who has something smart to say.

So, I’m sorry but not sorry, if I refuse to speak about things that are important to you, but not for myself.. If we are talking about me. Also try to understand that I might not feel comfortable speaking about some things that you ask me, after knowing me for just 2 minutes. You simply can’t start to read some book from page 785. I want to know your intention of “wanting to know me”. I don’t want, that you create an image of me based on your questions, but based on who truly I am.

So if you really want to know someone, try to think a bit more.

First, start with your intentions, why would you like to know someone? Don’t fool yourself neither that person.

Second, ask yourself what would you like to be asked if someone wants to meet the real you. What are those questions?

And now, try to ask all those questions to that person you really want to get to know better.

And, be patient. Be kind. Treat others in the same way you want to be treated.

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So, let me introduce myself. My name is Irina Vujaklija and I was born in Belgrade on 31 January 1979. Who am I? Love. I know, you will roll your eyes.. But that is how it is. Discovering my true self wasn’t an easy process. Constantly working on myself, learning by seeking answers to many questions, I have managed to overcome very complicated life situations. Among other things, my severe motorcycle accident in 2004. A life altering moment in just one second.